Modifying Samsung SSG-5100GB Active 3D Glasses for Dual Play

Based on the guide on Great instructions on how to get the glasses open, and description of the method.

I followed the guide with a couple of modifications. The looping of the driver connectors for the disconnected lens did not seem necessary (and seemed quite illogical to me). And the wires could comfortably be made quite a bit shorter for a better fit. No need for the complicated twisting procedure leaving long wires that needed to be tucked away. Just connect the innermost connectors to each other and the outermost to each other with wires a bit longer than the distance between the connection points, after desoldering one of the lensess (the left in one pair, right in the other). Putting some electrical tape on the circuit board where they used to connect to prevent those other driver connection points to make contact. Fits right back in its case.

Looped (yes, ugly soldering =)…)